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Approaching Air

Looking forward to the year 2039, Approaching Air will be creating a scent from a collective vision of the future. Visit the lab during the festival to contribute your forward-looking positive stories and be part of the creation of this bespoke scent.

Fragrance design studio Arboretum (lead by Clara Weale) and designer Pete Thomas have collaborated to create an experience that uses scent to encourage you to think about the hopeful futures you imagine.

10.00 - 17.00 - EVERY DAY - Keiller Centre - FREE

Full Description

Reflecting on the themes of the Liveable/Loveable City, Clara and Pete are encouraging people to tell positive stories about life in Dundee in 2039. Then, by analysing, synthesising and evaluating these futures, a series of narratives will be interpreted and defined before being formulated into a bespoke scent.

During the festival, 100 limited edition samples of the scent will be dispensed. These will be shared with participants and an invited audience who will be invited to experience the Approaching Air. After the launch, the doors to the lab will be opened and you’ll be invited to enter the exhibition space where scent will be defused at regular intervals.

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