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City Brand Simulator

Citizens should have a say over how their city looks, operates and communicates. What if you could directly impact what your city brand looked like? Or have a city brand that can flex and adapt on a real-time basis? The City Brand Simulator allows you to create your very own version of a hypothetical future brand of Dundee.

10.00 - 17.00 - EVERY DAY - Keiller Centre - FREE

Full Description

Agency of None and graphic designer Tommy Perman have collaborated with developer Rick Curran and installation specialists FifeX to create the City Brand Simulator experience. At the festival, you’ll be able to manipulate a giant hypothetical future city brand of Dundee. Using the buttons and sliders on the custom-built console you’ll be able to configure and fine tune all the settings to create your own unique version of the brand.

You can even submit it to be saved in the brand archive. See for yourself how, with the right systems and flexible structures, a city’s identity can be adaptable and representative.

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