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Poster Playground

At any time during the festival, the playground space will be open. Come in, pick up a brief and get hands-on creating a poster using one of two design techniques created for the festival. Throughout each day we will be photographing the work created, printing it and pasting it up in designated spaces around Dundee.

10.00 - 17.00 - EVERY DAY - Keiller Centre - FREE

Full Description

Now more than ever, how a city communicates and represents its citizens is important. We invite you to have your say. All day, every day at the festival, come and tell us what you love about your city. Get hands-on with typography, shape, colour and pattern to design your own poster. Choose from two different production methods ‘printing blocks’ or ‘building blocks’ to create your design. Once your poster is complete, we’ll make a copy and paste it up in one of the dedicated spaces around the city, along with all the other designs created that day.

Poster Playground puts all the elements of the bespoke typeface designed by Agency of None and Tommy Perman, directly in your hands and leads you through a design process.

From reading the brief to creating a piece of work to seeing it out in the real world. One of the key aims of this year’s festival is to break down the barriers to entry into design disciplines and careers. This can be done by creating accessible tools and systems that empower people.

The typography, pattern and colour palette that make up the elements within Poster Playground, have all been inspired by the sweet wrappers of James Keiller & Son. A marmalade and confectionary factory that once stood on the site of the Keiller Centre. As part of the festival, there will be a curated selection of James Keiller & Son sweet and confectionery wrappers available to view at the Coffee Bar.

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