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We Live in the Future

If a city exists completely outside of society, can it ever be liveable or lovable? This project explores how much of the urban experience is relative to the people who live within it and imprint meaning on their structures. Using different senses you will be able to enter and interact with a tangible imagining of the future from a variety of local artists.

10.00 - 17.00 - EVERY DAY - Keiller Centre - FREE

Full Description

Designer Julie Cumming and writer/filmmaker Sam Gonçalves have redesigned Latin American Photo Boxes, similar to viewfinders, as an intimate way to look into a future Dundee based on commissioned short stories by writer Valerie Mullen. More than time travel, it is a journey through someone else’s vision of what is to come.

Several illustrators, actors and musicians were commissioned to bring the vision of Valerie Mullen’s four stories into life. Each given free rein over their interpretation of each story which in turn paint a human, entertaining and empathetic view of a future Dundee.

In the space, you will be able to walk around listening and looking over these interpretations in an immersive and reflective way. By focusing so much on the ‘medium’ as well as the ‘message’, the piece asks you to think of the future of the city but also of who gets to imagine that future.

Overall, this exhibition is an exercise in imagining the future from both the passive perspective of an audience but also the creative outlook of the many different people who ‘thought up’ a new city. A Dundee that is both in and outside your perspective.

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