Festival Live Feed

Tue 21

Dundee Design Festival 2019 is now open! We will be posting some highlights from across the festival in the live feed over the course of the next week.


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We Live in The Future @dundeedesignfestival #dundee #ddf19 #scifi

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Today the festival has been soundtracked by Groucho’s and Le Freak Records.

Wed 22

We opened the Afterworks Programme with a discussion at the V&A called ‘It’s Not the Size of Your City…’ You can watch the whole thing below.

Thu 23

Fri 24

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It’s been a great week @designdundee #ddf19 collaborating with @arboretum.lab to deliver Approaching Air – the scent of a future Dundee. We’ve spent the week chatting to the people of Dundee about their hopes for the future, translating these into stories about the future and making scents to accompany these stories. We worked with visitors to test out our stories and scents to make sure we were capturing people’s ideas, then we combined these to create a scent from the future. It turns out what people want is: clean, fresh, unpolluted sea air and a waterfront that prioritises access for all green spaces in the heart of the city, accessible to everyone with native wild flowers, pollinating insects and wildlife a friendly and inclusive multicultural city that feels familiar and friendly, where wealth is more fairly distributed, homes are affordable, people have meaningful employment and creative, social enterprise flourishes …. It doesn’t sound like too much to hope for really but the sad thing is that in our current times it seems pretty utopian. Designers have a role and a responsibility to make the futures we want to see become realities. Thanks to the people of Dundee, @agencyofnone @designdundee for giving me and Clara the chance to make this happen. Thanks also to @__draff__ @rootsfurniture and @louisecforbes for the amazing build and install

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