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Four designers each completing a two-day residency at the festival in our live production space. Watch them work, gain an insight into their design process and buy products from the specially designed range at the festival. See ceramics, 3D printed jewellery, lighting and limited edition t-shirts by designers Steph Liddle, Lynne MacLachlan, Kevin Sinclair and Jen Stewart.

Steph Liddle

Ceramic Designer



21 MAY!

Steph Liddle is a designer and maker based in Dundee. Using minimal shapes and bold patterns, she creates contemporary ceramic jewellery and homewares. Each piece is imperfectly unique, with subtle differences worth celebrating.

“Our lives and cities are made livable by the functional, but it’s the memorable and unexpected moments that make life loveable.”

Kevin Sinclair

Industrial Designer

Wed / Thu

22 - 23

22 - 23 MAY!

Kevin Sinclair is an industrial designer and the founder of Studio Aro. He is from Wick and based in Dundee. Fascinated by all aspects of the design process and deeply interested in improving people’s everyday experiences his work is considered and thoughtful. Kevin’s goal is to build products that are less frustrating, more fun and intuitive to use.

“Good design can take us from where we are now to where we want to be.”

Jen Stewart

Jewellery/Graphic Designer

Fri / Sat

24 - 25

24 - 25 MAY!

Jennifer Stewart is a jeweller and graphic designer based in Glasgow. Founder of Nmarra, she brings intrigue and interest to affordable accessories. Her designs take inspiration from the rich visual language of the natural world, reflect structures in our built environment and play with folk art forms and 20th-century design. Her studio produces bold, graphically led statement jewellery and fashion accessories. Processes include acid etching – an industrial technique that mirrors the screen printing process.

“Heritage, culture and ideas of future fiction – the far out, fantastical and playful possibilities for what might shape and make Dundee unique in 2050 provide the inspiration for my bold graphic t-shirt prints.”

Lynne Maclachlan

Jewellery Designer

Sun / Mon

26 - 27

26 - 27 MAY!

Lynne MacLachlan is a designer, maker and researcher based in Glasgow who has exhibited widely in the UK, and Europe and America. She is known for her experimental approach to multi-material 3D printing with designs that play with light, space and colour. Lynne explores and pushes the boundaries of contemporary jewellery design using bespoke software tools and 3D printing to materialise complex forms.

Combining these tools with meticulous hand finishing techniques, such as dying, polishing and construction, elevates her pieces further. (Photo by Ross Fraser McLean).